Here, you can find pictures of me or from conferences and events I’ve attended, beautiful graphs that for some reason shouldn’t take up an entire post, or just mildly interesting graphs I’ve learned from.

Pictures of me and things I've participated in

Make a difference 2016: Workshop

On the Make a difference conference in Denmark in September 2016, I held a workshop for educators on screencasting as a feedback format, and its impact on students’ learning outcome (based on the same research project for the paper speak at EFYE). The picture is from the keynote speak.

EFYE 2016: Paper speak

On the EFYE conference in Belgium in April 2016, I gave a paper presentation of a research project I did as a project outside course scope on feedback methods, and their impact on students’ learning outcome. I also attended the rest of the conference as a delegate and enjoyed a couple of days in Ghent.

Advertising for KU again

In 2017 I, again, advertised for Copenhagen University. This time, posters were hanging across the country on train and bus stations with a caption “Jeg lærer, hvordan verden er opbygget med fysiske love of matematiske modeller. Studiemiljøet er genialt, og jeg får et væld af jobmuligheder!”.

Advertising for the University of Copenhagen

In 2016, I was briefly a poster girl for the University of Copenhagen, hanging on the side wall of HCØ (the Hans Christian Ørsted Institute). The picture was however first published in the education folder “Tag hul på din fremtid”, and currently (2017), I’m still in the folder for the bachelor education.