Course work

Here, I publish excerpts or adapted versions of interesting course work related assignments and projects.

Assessing student conceptions with network theory

This is a short summary of my project for my bachelor thesis for anyone interested. In this project I applied MAMCR to the Force Concept Inventory. The report has also been published - click here to find a link.

Image rendering with polygons

Do you recognise the photo? Try squinting! For the final project in Physics of Algorithms, I decided to recreate a famous project on image rendering using polygons. The project is generally considered to be an example of genetic programming. Although I did not obtain a very efficient solution within the time frame, the program did seem to converge towards a recognisable solution.

Heavy sand

In this project, I used a range experimental methods to analyse the elemental components of a natural sample of heavy sand from a beach in North Zealand. Although I didn't discover a new source of valuable minerals, I gained insight into the wonderful world of condensed matter theory.

Wine tasting reviews

In this project, I retrieved a large wine tasting review data set and used it to train hypothesis testing. My group and I were asked to present our work in front of all course participants, not simply because we did a good enough job to be worthwhile, but also because we did some slightly 'different' things with our data set than typically. While I learned a lot about statistics, in this project I also learned a lot about data visualisation.